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Our Process

Client Centered

Our process begins with understanding what is most important to you in life. We use state-of-the-art planning software to crunch the numbers and create financial models. But first, we seek to understand your goals -- and the values upon which they are based -- in order to make sure the advice that we give is moving you in the right direction.

As you approach each life milestone, our process identifies planning opportunities and addresses common issues at every stage of life -- both from a financial perspective (i.e. our goal to mitigate taxes, manage risk, and maximize income) as well as a faith perspective (i.e. drawing finish lines, meeting generosity goals, and preparing the next steward through our wealth transfer process). 

As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional, CPA, and also a private pilot, I understand the importance of planning. In many ways, planning a financial journey is like planning a cross country flight in a private plane, where your financial advisor acts as your experienced pilot.  

There are distinct phases of flight that are predictable and require certain checklists and procedures to ensure a smooth and safe flight. Just as there are immovable principles of physics and aerodynamics that guide flight, sound financial planning is built around some key wisdom principles:

Spend Less than you Earn

Minimize Debt

Maintain Liquidity

Live Generously

Think Long-Term 

Our Process

It is the pilot’s job to make sure there is enough fuel for the journey, as well as account for passenger safety during the flight. Just as a pilot assesses all the requirements and variables that contribute to a successful flight, our process adheres to global best practices and professional ethics to help you navigate your financial journey. First, we establish a flight plan—a comprehensive financial strategy in alignment with your values —to keep you on a steady glide path toward your goals.

Our History

Think of us as your dedicated private pilot on your financial journey -- guiding you through weather, turbulence, and terrain to make sure that you are on the right path toward meeting your long-term goals. Together, we will help guide you through economic weather, making adjustments when needed, with the goal of helping you reach your desired destination with stability and success.