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The Eisenhower Matrix

January 30, 2024

2024 January VLOG Transcript – The Eisenhower Matrix

Hello, it's the end of January 2024, and things are off to a positive start. Unemployment is at a multi-decade low, and there's optimism regarding the Fed Reserve possibly lowering rates later in the year.

Tax season is also here, and you can expect your 1099s from LPL in mid-to-late February. And I recommend scheduling a meeting with your tax preparer by early March just to give those 1099s enough time to arrive in your mailbox.

It’s also the season when we realize those New Year's resolutions are a tough nut to crack in terms of consistency. And I wanted to share a tool that might be helpful to reenergize whatever steps. You’d like to take to make this year the best.

Dwight D. Eisenhower—the 34th President of the United States and a five-star general during World War II— presented the idea that would later lead to the Eisenhower Matrix.

Here's how it works is like this.  You draw a box with four quadrants. On the left margin, you have the Urgent and Non-Urgent.  On the top, you have the Important and the Non-Important.

And you can look at everything that’s on your to-do list – everything you have to do each day, and decide where it fix.  Urgent, unimportant tasks are daily distractions – the dust storms that swirl around us each day; non-urgent, important tasks need intention and discipline. Because they are easy to put off, but they are very important. Consider one important, non-urgent action daily—perhaps a call to make contact with someone who has been on your mind, praying, journaling, or scheduling some quality time with a loved one… Just to think about that important, non-urgent daily action.

We appreciate you and the chance to serve. We are here to help.